Rags the Musical Cast Album Announced

Today I received the wonderful announcement and I’m excited to tell you all that The Rags Original London Cast Recording will be released this month on 15th May 2020.

For those of you that don’t know this is the third Cast Album I’ve been involved in. However, this is the first album I’ve been a principal.

I played Rebecca Hershkowitz and I sing the song “Children in the Wind” which was released today and the words to this song couldn’t be more apt in our current worldwide situation.

Poignant and reflective.

“Empty Rooms once loud and crowded, now just standing by.
All the mixed up memories….”

You can hear this beautiful song now on Spotify ——> Children of the Wind

Many of these ‘empty rooms’ are our theatres which bring so many people together. The passionate performers, creatives, crew and audiences and last Saturday 23rd April everyone involved in this wonderful production of Rags was brought together in another type of space. To share a first listening experience of the album to be released on the 15th. Everyone who made this production happen dotted all over the UK and US united by a zoom call. Made extra special having both Charles Strouse and Stephen Schwartz with us.

It was so special and maybe just a little emotional!

Here’s a snippet of that day to make you smile and get a little extra taster of what’s to come.


The track listing for the Rags London cast album is as follows:-

1. Opening – The “Rags: The Musical” Original London Cast Recording Company

2. If We Never Meet Again – Carolyn Maitland, Martha Kirby

3. Greenhorns – Matthew Gent, Adam Crossley, The “Rags: The Musical” Original London Cast Recording Company

4. Brand New World – Carolyn Maitland, Jude Muir/Samuel Jones, Martha Kirby, Dave Willetts

5. Edge of A Knife – Carolyn Maitland

6. The Fabric of America – Rose, Oisin Nolan-Power, Martha Kirby, Carolyn Maitland, Debbie Chazen

7. Penny A Tune – Arthur Boan, Angela Caesar, Drew Dillon, Natasha Karp

8. Bella’s Song (Part One) – Oisin Nolan-Power

9. Meet an Italian – Alex Gibson-Giorgio

10. Friday Night Prayers – The “Rags: The Musical” Original London Cast Recording Company

11. No More Nightmares – Carolyn Maitland, Martha Kirby

12. Little Lady – Sam Attwater, Carolyn Maitland

13. Cheer Up, Chaimlet – Arthur Boan, The “Rags: The Musical” Original London Cast Recording Company

14. Blame It on The Summer Night – Alex Gibson-Giorgio, Carolyn Maitland

15. For My Mary – Oisin Nolan-Power, Matthew Gent

16. Take Our City Back – Adam Crossley, Matthew Gent

17. Rags – Carolyn Maitland, Martha Kirby

18. On the Fourth Day of July – Adam Crossley, Matthew Gent

19. Yankee Boy – Oisin Nolan-Power, Jude Muir, Samuel Jones, Martha Kirby, Adam Crossley, Matthew Gent

20. Uptown – Sam Attwater, Carolyn Maitland

21. Wanting – Carolyn Maitland, Alex Gibson-Giorgio

22. Three Sunny Rooms – Rachel Izen, Dave Willetts, Oisin Nolan-Power, Martha Kirby

23. Kaddish – Dave Willets, The 2019 “Rags: The Musical” Company

24. Bella’s Song (Part Two) – Oisin Nolan-Power

25. If We Never Meet Again (Reprise) – Carolyn Maitland

26. Bread and Freedom – Carolyn Maitland, Alex Gibson-Giorgio, The “Rags: The Musical” Original London Cast Recording Company

27. Children of The Wind – Carolyn Maitland

28. Finale – The “Rags: The Musical” Original London Cast Recording Company

The musical was written by Joseph Stein and David Thompson, lyrics by Shephen Schwartz and music by Charles Strouse.

The album is produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe and Nikki Davison at Auburn Jam Music. Schwartz serves as the album’s executive producer, with Nick Barstow as music producer and orchestrator, and Joe Bunker as musical director.

Carolyn Maitland