Kiss Me Kate Reviews

Carolyn Maitland playing the role of Lilly Vanessi/Katherine Minola


I was look­ing for­ward to see­ing Han­nah Wadding­ham reprise her turn in the title role, but that wasn’t to be ei­ther; when I ar­rived at the the­atre, there were no­tices in the foyer that the role would be played in­stead by Car­olyn Mait­land, who ac­quit­ted her­self ad­mirably (just as Lee’s un­der­study had ev­i­dently done at Top Hat). But then Mait­land, it seems, has had a lot of prac­tice: after I tweeted about Wadding­ham’s ab­sence, I got a cry from var­i­ous par­ties that they, too, had missed her when they had been to see the show in both Chich­ester and Lon­don.

  – Shenton’s View in THE STAGE



Jason Pennycooke is terrific, leading the troupe through Too Darn Hot, with some sizzlin’ hot chorus girls. I would say that perhaps Carolyn Maitland is the sizzlin’ among them, if my staunch feminist principles didn’t prevent me from describing a talented professional in such vulgar terms.

   – The Sunday Times via Chichester Festival Theatre