Starting Here, Starting Now Interview with West End Wilma

These last 2 weeks have been amazing so far.

Not only did I get to do some amazing roller skating lessons with the charming West End Roller Skate coach Jamie Capewell for a new musical hitting London this summer (Stay tuned for more details) and start rehearsals for Maltby and Shire’s brand new production Starting Here, Starting Now. I got interviewed by the wonderful West End Wilma.

I was asked a few questions but my favourite has got to be, If you could be the opposite sex for the day, what male theatre role would you love to have a go at playing.

Anyone who knows me can guess who I said. If you are unsure check out the fun video below.

Anyway, to find out how the interview turned out, pop over to West End Wilma’s site by clicking the link below.

Check out more videos where you can see me singing with more of my theatre friends on my video page.

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Carolyn Maitland